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DayTimeRoomConvenorPanel Title    complete listPanel No
12-Dec09.30-11.30510CHUTINTARANOND SunaitReconceptualizing Southeast Asian StudiesPANEL 1.01
12-Dec12.50-15.50510Mario Ivan LOPEZOn the Rise: Southeast Asian Studies for Region making and Networking - Roundtable Discussion PANEL 1.02
12-Dec09.30-11.30554MATSUDA, MasahikoDynamics of Rural Livelihoods and Food Security in Contemporary Southeast AsiaPANEL 1.03
12-Dec12.50-15.50IStephen DRUCEThe monarchy in Southeast Asia: Past, present and futurePANEL 1.04
12-Dec09.30-11.30555PATHMANAND UkristTransboundary Mainland Southeast Asia: Love/hate, Uprising and poweringPANEL 1.05
12-Dec12.50-15.50501THAITAKOO, DanaiUrban Ecology: the State of ASEAN's Cities, Issues and Challenges.PANEL 1.06
12-Dec09.30-11.30JTONG Chee-Kiong New Social HistoriesPANEL 1.07
12-Dec12.50-15.50509FOUNTAIN PhilipReligion and NGOs in Southeast AsiaPANEL 1.08
12-Dec09.30-11.30662ABINALES Patricio N.Meddling Monsters: The Real Face of Order in Southeast AsiaPANEL 1.09
12-Dec12.50-14.50103FUJITA, KoichiThe Emerging Myanmar; and the Resurgence of Traditional Agrarian QuestionsPANEL 1.10
12-Dec15.00-17.00JKATO, Yumi Environment Sustainability in Southeast AsiaPANEL 1.11
12-Dec09.30-11.30INAKANISHI, YoshihiroDemocratization and Human Rights in the regional orderPANEL 1.12
12-Dec12.50-14.50664IGA, TsukasaThe Role of Media and Political Transformation in Contemporary Southeast AsiaPANEL 1.13
12-Dec09.30-11.30665MOTOKO, Kawano Beyond Crises and Traps: Searching for Sustainable Development and Political StabilityPANEL 1.15
12-Dec12.50-14.50JSHIMIZU, Hiromu Civil Society and Social Movements in the region PANEL 1.16
12-Dec15.00-17.00664TOYAMA, AyakoDevelopment of accountability systems and their impact on democratization in Southeast Asian countries PANEL 1.17
12-Dec09.30-11.30501Hsin-Huang Michael HsiaoWhen East Asia Meets Southeast Asia in Southeast Asian Studies - Roundtable Discussion PANEL 1.18
12-Dec12.50-14.50552CLAUDIO Lisandro E. Suharto and Marcos at the Crossroads of Memory: Comparing Transitional Justice in Indonesia and the PhilippinesPANEL 1.19
12-Dec15.00-17.00103NAGAI, FumioLocal Government Elite Survey in Southeast Asia: comparison among Thailand, Indonesia and the PhilippinesPANEL 1.20
12-Dec12.50-14.50663NISHIMOTO, NoaMedia and gender representation in Southeast AsiaPANEL 1.21
12-Dec09.30-11.30104THOMPSON, Mark RichardPower Elites and Political Change in Southeast Asia PANEL 1.22
12-Dec15.00-17.00KSHIRAISHI, TakashiThe East Asian Economic Crisis of 1997-1998 Revisited: A Roundtable DiscussionPANEL 1.23
12-Dec09.30-11.30509Nathan BadenochEnvironment and Society: Exploring New Research Agenda PANEL 1.24
12-Dec12.50-14.50662ONIMARU, TakeshiStates and Surveillance: Comparative Colonial State Formation in Southeast AsiaPANEL 1.25
12-Dec15.00-17.00663CHEN, Hugh Pei-HsiuThe Political-economical Development of Southeast Asia and Its Challenges: Taiwan’s PerspectivePANEL 1.26
12-Dec09.30-11.30663NAGATSU, KazufumiEthnic Re/formation at Margin: Negotiations with International Institutions, Global NGOs and Worldwide Missionaries in Insular Southeast AsiaPANEL 1.27
12-Dec12.50-14.50554NAOI, RiyoArts and Representations in modern Southeast Asia PANEL 1.28
12-Dec15.00-17.00554Pavin Chachavalpongpun Contemporary issues in regional migration PANEL 1.29
12-Dec09.30-11.30664YANG Alan Hao Re-ordering Southeast Asia: A New Centre in the Making?PANEL 1.30
12-Dec12.50-15.50555Julius Bautista Religion and CommunityPANEL 1.31
12-Dec09.30-11.30552SHIODERA, SatomiRural Resistance across Southeast AsiaPANEL 1.32
12-Dec12.50-15.20665LIU HongIntra-Asia Dynamics: Mobility of Ideas and Intellectual Exchange in Southeast Asia PANEL 1.33
12-Dec15.00-17.00552ITOH, Masayuki Coastal environment and resource management PANEL 1.34
12-Dec09.30-11.30103STEVENS, HallamInnovation :: environment :: cityPANEL 1.35
12-Dec12.50-14.50KHABERKORN TyrellCoup Redux: The Military in Thai PoliticsPANEL 1.36
12-Dec15.00-17.00662Fiona Sieger Business and Banking in Southeast Asia PANEL 1.37
12-Dec09.30-11.30KFEENER R. Michael and BUSH RobinThe Politics of Asian Development Assistance in Southeast AsiaPANEL 1.38
12-Dec12.50-14.50104ISHIKAWA Satoshi and WATANABE KazuoSmall-scale fisheries and coastal communities in Southeast AsiaPANEL 1.39
13-Dec09.30-11.30501Nathan Badenoch Teaching Southeast Asian Studies for the next generation PANEL 2.01
13-Dec12.50-15.50554IMAMURA, MasaoContinuities and Transformations in the Sino-Myanmar Frontier: Cross-border religious, commercial, and militia networks, 1765-2015PANEL 2.02
13-Dec09.30-11.30JGEDACHT, JoshuaThe Contested Histories of Mobility and Connection in Southeast AsiaPANEL 2.03
13-Dec12.50-15.50510PAWLIK, Alfred The first colonizers of Island Southeast Asia and the PacificPANEL 2.04
13-Dec09.30-11.30509Kathrina bte DP Haji Mohd DaudInclusion and Exclusion in South East Asia: Marginalization, Identity, and the StatePANEL 2.05
13-Dec12.50-15.50501BAKER, Christopher Knowledge and Sensibility in the Literature and Performance of Early Mainland Southeast AsiaPANEL 2.06
13-Dec09.30-11.30552SHIN Jae HyeokRegional Integration of East AsiaPANEL 2.07
13-Dec12.50-14.50509Eduardo Tadem Land conflicts and struggle in rural Southeast AsiaPANEL 2.08
13-Dec09.30-11.30554MIENO, FumiharuNew Phase of Economic Growth in Southeast AsiaPANEL 2.09
13-Dec12.50-14.50555Villa VilaithongCommunity Context of development and its (dis)contentsPANEL 2.10
13-Dec15.00-17.00663Padawangi Rita Expanding Environmental Consciousness through Multi-Scalar Movements in Urban AsiaPANEL 2.11
13-Dec09.30-11.30IMATSUBAYASHI, KozoClimate Change and adaptations in the regionPANEL 2.12
13-Dec15.00-17.00103Pram SounsamutRe-representing Arts: the Transformation from Arts to ArtsPANEL 2.13
13-Dec15.00-17.00IISHIKAWA Noboru Disaster and Community Resilience PANEL 2.14
13-Dec09.30-11.30555KANCHOOCHAT, Veerayooth The Politics of Ideas and State TransformationPANEL 2.15
13-Dec12.50-14.50IAnthony REIDTrade and Environment in Early Modern Southeast AsiaPANEL 2.16
13-Dec12.50-15.20665MIZUNO, Kosuke Business Network and Entrepreneurship in historical perspective PANEL 2.17
13-Dec09.30-11.30104Setijadi, CharlotteBeyond Fixed Geographies: Diaspora and alternative conceptions of Southeast Asia (1)PANEL 2.18
13-Dec12.50-14.50104Setijadi, CharlotteBeyond Fixed Geographies: Diaspora and alternative conceptions of Southeast Asia (2)PANEL 2.19
13-Dec15.00-17.00JOKAMOTO, MasaakiWomen and politics in the region PANEL 2.20
13-Dec09.30-11.30103Paul Kratoska Writing for Publication: What Editors Look for, and Common Mistakes by Authors (2)PANEL 2.21
13-Dec12.50-14.50552SURYOMENGGOLO JafarLeftist writings in Southeast Asia: New insights and reinterpretations on official historyPANEL 2.22
13-Dec15.00-17.00664CHANG YounghoCooperative Competition, Governance, Strategic Engagement, and Trust in Southeast AsiaPANEL 2.23
13-Dec09.30-11.30662HAYAMI, YokoSocial and cultural foundations of care in rural Southeast AsiaPANEL 2.24
13-Dec12.50-14.50662CARASCO Arze Glipo Understanding Land and Resource Grabbing: Implications for Policy and GovernancePANEL 2.25
13-Dec15.00-17.00104Anthony MILNERFurther dialogue with the disciplinesPANEL 2.26
13-Dec09.30-11.30663NISHIBUCHI, Mitsuaki Rural Alternatives in Southeast Asia PANEL 2.27
13-Dec12.50-14.50JIkrar Nusa BhaktiEthnic relations and Politics in contemporary Southeast Asia PANEL 2.28
13-Dec12.50-14.50103SAKAMOTO, Ryota Family and transnational kinshipPANEL 2.29
13-Dec09.30-11.30KKOZAN, OsamuTransboundary environmental issues in South East AsiaPANEL 2.30
13-Dec12.50-14.50663ENDO, TamakiSoutheast Asian mega-cities at the crossroads? : Urban dynamics, economic disparities and political conflict PANEL 2.31
13-Dec15.00-17.00509LEE, Cheuk YinFostering Biculturalism/ Multiculturalism: The Transformation of Cultural and Religious Organizations in Singapore and MalaysiaPANEL 2.32
13-Dec09.30-11.30664SATO JinResource Politics in Southeast Asia: History and Contemporary Policy ChallengesPANEL 2.33
13-Dec12.50-14.50KHSIAO, Hsin-Huang Michael Confucius Institutes in Southeast Asia: A Critical AssessmentPANEL 2.34
13-Dec09.30-11.30665Bong Sovath and Satoru KOBAYASHI New Approaches to the Research and Preservation of Cambodian Cultural HeritagePANEL 2.35
13-Dec12.50-14.50664WONGSURAT WasanaHistoricizing Diasporic, Creolized and Mestizo Chinese Societies in Southeast Asia: William Skinner's Overseas Chinese Acculturation Thesis and BeyondPANEL 2.36
13-Dec15.00-17.00662Yu, Hope SabanpanLiterary environmentalism in the Filipino experiences PANEL 2.37
13-Dec09.30-11.30510Suwannakij, SingSubjection and Subversion: Rethinking Antagonisms in Thai History, Literature and Society PANEL 2.38
13-Dec15.00-17.00555NAVARRA, Nappy LacorteEcological Structure of Batad Rice Terraces' Community AdaptationPANEL 2.40


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