UBD : Contemporary Muslim Narratives and the Nusantara. 8-9 May 2017

CFP: Contemporary Muslim Narratives and the Nusantara

Kathrina Mohd Daud
8-9 May 2017
Proposal deadline: 5 February 2017

The UBD-IAS (Universiti Brunei Darussalam-Institute of Asian Studies) invites
abstract submissions for a workshop on Modern Muslim Narratives and the
Nusantara to be held on the 8-9 May, 2017.
While classical Muslim literature has been studied extensively, there is much less
scholarship on contemporary global Muslim literature, and no comprehensive
overview of contemporary Muslim literature in the Malay world in Southeast Asia.
There has recently been increased focus on the Muslim Malay countries of
Southeast Asia (Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia) as emerging centers and offering
national models for global Islamic civilization. As such, it is an opportune time to
examine the cultural production of Islam in the region. While this workshop
particularly invites papers on literature, we acknowledge the large part other
mediums, including film and theatre, play in constructing narratives about Muslim
identity and Islam in the region; papers engaging all mediums are thus invited on
how such narratives engage with and respond to the social/geopolitical/ideological
shifts occurring today.
As the region reframes itself around the South China Sea, it is important to consider
how these shifts are and have affected considerations of Muslim identity through
contemporary literature and other mediums. For the purposes of this workshop,
the contemporary period will engage the post-World War II period to present day.
It is expected that the majority of participants will be speaking of the Muslim Malay
world in Southeast Asia, but the workshop will remain open to other regional
literatures and narratives with an explicit comparative approach with Southeast
Papers are invited on (but not limited to) the following themes:
      – Modern Muslim identity in contemporary literature
      – The reinterpretation of classical Islamic literature in contemporary narratives
      – Iconic Muslim figures in contemporary narratives
      – Contemporary Muslim narratives reimagined/constructed through
        non-textual mediums, including but not limited to film, sculpture, retail, etc.
      – Engagement with and/or resistance to global Muslim literature/narratives
      – Contemporary Muslim narratives and regional identity and politics
      – Translingual practices and circulation of global ideas into Muslim Malay

Guidelines for paper proposals:
Papers will be 20 minutes in length with an additional 10 minutes for questions.
They may be presented in either English or Malay. Paper Proposals should include
the presenter’s name, position and institutional affiliation, the paper’s title, an
abstract of up to 250 words, a biography of up to 200 words (written in the third
person), and a contact email address. Paper Proposals should be submitted by 5
February 2017 to Dr Kathrina Mohd Daud (kathrina.daud@ubd.edu.bn).
Notification of accepted abstracts will be sent out by 28 February 2016. There
may be a limited number of grants available to aid in attending the workshop –
please indicate in your email whether you would like to be considered for a grant.
Successful abstracts may be invited to submit papers for an edited volume after the