Newly published: Asian Studies Vol. 49 No. 2

Asian Studies  Vol. 49  No. 2

Transnational Flows and Spaces of Interaction in Asia

The University of the Philippines Asian Center is pleased to announced the release of Volume 49, Number 2, Year 2013 of Asian Studies: Journal of Critical Perspectives on Asia. Entitled “Transnational Flows and Spaces of Interaction in Asia,” the issue features five full-length articles, three commentaries, three reviews, and five poems.

Resil Mojares’ “The Emergence of Asian Intellectuals” leads the line-up of articles. Also available are incisive explorations in and of Japan’s migration policy, South Korean multiculturalism, Japanese-Filipino identity, and Sama igal dance traditions.

The issue also features reviews of books on America’s informal empires, collective killings during the Cultural Revolution, and Japanese in the Philippines. The poetry section boasts of Filipino and English translations of three poems of Wiji Thukul, an Indonesian poet.

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