Newly published: Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia


Centre for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS), Kyoto University proudly presents the new issue (15) of Kyoto Review (March 2014) which focuses mainly on the conflict in the South China Sea.
We have five articles by Dr Aileen San Pablo-Baviera, Dr Nguyen Hung Son, Dr Mikael Weissmann, Dr Li Mingjiang and Dr Termsak Chalermpalanupap –all are translated into Japanese, Thai and Bahasa Indonesian.
This issue, as usual, also include a section of book review, and a new column–Young Academic’s Voice (YAV), as a platform for young researchers to voice thier opinions on all things Southeast Asia, with one article per month, plus a multimedia video presentation of friends of Kyoto University who share their view on this new website. As for this month’s YAV, we present Eve Warburton, on “In Whose Interest? Debating Resource Nationalism in Indonesia”, a Phd Candidate at the ANU.

List of articles:

  1. Termsak Chalempalanupa: Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, Unknown Unknowns, and Unknown Knowns in the South China Sea Disputes
  2. Mikael Weissmann: Chinese Soft Power and ASEAN’s Constructive Engagement: Sino-ASEAN relations and the South China Sea
  3. Nguyen Hung Son: Three Priority Mesures in Maintaining Peace and Stability in the South China Sea
  4. Li Mingjinag: Managing Security in the South China Sea: From DOC to COC
  5. Aileen San Pablo-Baviera: Growing Strategic Rivalry among East Asia’s Great Powers: Implications for Southeast Asia and the South China Sea